SLXtreme Waterproofs Your Phone
so You Can Get Wet

Fully submerse yourself in outdoor adventures without fear of damaging your iPhone. We have made the SLXtreme 7th generation iPhone cover durable and waterproof so that you can enjoy water sports- Kayak with the orcas, white water raft down the Kenai River, canoe the backwaters of the Okeechobee swamp. We stop water from damaging your phone so you can enjoy the water and adventure.

Wherever your adventures take you, SnowLizard's SLXtreme rugged iPhone case provides ultimate protection even when you JetSki a poker run from Miami to Pensacola. Here's how:

  • Protection from Dropping — We designed the SLXtreme iPhone case to be rugged so you never have to stop your adventure to save your phone. Brave any outdoor environment without fear of drop damage with the SLXtreme cover.
  • Hydrophobic Technology — Stands up to saltwater and freshwater. Go. Adventure. Enjoy. The waterproof tech built into the SLXtreme's casing allows you to bring your phone anywhere, even in the water
  • Fully Charged — With the SLXtreme's built in battery SnowLizard's iPhone case can power your phone while you adventure. Never run out of power or limit your access to your phone again.
  • Solar Recharge — Powers your device as you play. The SLXtreme features a single solar panel that produces enough energy to recharge your phone. SnowLizard's tech makes it easy to recharge your phone without searching for a plug. All that is every needed is sunshine.

At SnowLizard, we make adventure worry free. Go. Play. Adventure. Enjoy the water, the surf, the rapids, the beach, and the adventure with SLXtreme's 7th gen iPhone cover.