Public Safety -
Keeping Your Focused on
What's Important

SnowLizard understands the demands of working in the public safety sector. That's why we developed the SLXtreme iPhone case in such a way that it stands up to the challenges you face so you can work without worry of phone damage.

Whether you are outside in the rain for long hours or involved in a chase over rugged terrain, the SLXtreme features military-grade construction, high-tech infrastructure, and is field tested so that it earns your full confidence. Here's a closer look at the tech and durability behind the SLXtreme iPhone case

  • Rugged and Dependable — SnowLiazrd wraps Mil-STD 810G durability into a rugged phone case that protects absorbs drop-shock from up to six feet heights. The SLXtreme case allows you to face the toughest challenges at work or at play without the worry of damaging your phone due to dropping or from an accident. We free you to use your phone in any outdoor environment
  • The Waterproof and Weatherproof — We created the SLXtreme line of cases to nullify the effects of weather on your phone. SnowLizard adds IP-68 waterproof protection so when you need to stand in the rain, enter the water, or respond to an emergency, you can do so without worrying about your phone. Bring your phone anywhere you need it, even in the water
  • Battery Backup Technology — Inside the SLXtreme is a 4000 mAh battery that powers your phone when there is no charge left in the battery. Our battery can power your phone when you do not have a charger accessible to you. Never restrict phone access or usage because of concerns over battery life.
  • 7% Solar Power Boost — The SnowLizard Solar Array is built into the SLXtreme's case so that you have the capability to power your phone anytime there is direct sunshine.

SnowLizard applied our deep understanding of the challenges that public safety officers face into the construction of the SLXtreme line of phone cases. Our 7th generation model helps you work smart, longer, and without fear of damage to your phone.