SLXtreme Phone Case - Strong Enough
for the Oil and Gas Industry

From deep sea drilling rigs to exploring natural resource deposits to repairing sumps in standing water, the SLXtreme phone case provides superior protection from drops, water, and uses smart tech to provide more power, and recharging capabilities in most oil and gas environments

SnowLizard looked at what oil and gas workers face and then created the SLXtreme, their 7th generation cover, to meet the challenges of the oil and gas industry. They build a tough case that uses smart tech so that you can use your phone worry-free in some of the worst conditions of the oil and gas industry.

  • Military-grade Drop Protection — SnowLizard went to the source for protective equipment and uses MIL-STD 810G technology to protect your phone from impact damage from drops as high as 2-meters. You are free to use your phone without worry of drop damage while working on derricks, running pipes, or while using heavy equipment. SnowLizard's rugged case allows you to feel safe while using your phone in most oil and gas environments
  • Smart Tech Waterproofing — SnowLizard employs the smart technology behind IP-68 to provide waterproofing protection to smartphones when submerged up to 2-meters. No more worrying about splash damage, water damage from rain, or from dropping your device into water. The waterproof casing allows you to use your phone without worrying about water damaging it.
  • 185 Percent Added Power — With smart tech like the SLXtreme's built in battery, you gain 185 percent more power. The case provides power to your phone even when you do not have a connector and when there is no outlet in sight. Be free to use all the tools your phone provides without fear of running the battery dry.
  • Built-in Solar Charging — The solar panel that is built into the SLXtreme's case can recharge your phone when the battery dies. It also provides power to the internal battery at 7 percent per hour. This level of smart tech allows you to use your phone as needed knowing that while it is in direct sunlight, the internal battery is charging. Do more, talk more, consult, or search the internet without fear or running out of battery.

SnowLizard understands what the oil and gas industry can dish out. They created the SLXtreme to meet the harshest conditions so that phones become the smart tools that they were designed to be.