SLXtreme - Phone Protection
that is Military Grade

SnowLizard offers the SLXtreme iPhone case with features such as waterproofing, drop protection, built-in battery, and solar charging capabilities. When your job is to protect, and serve we honor you with technology that helps you do your job better, makes it easier, and reduces the worry over phone damage. We make it possible to use your phone in any environment. Here's how:

  • 2-Meter Height Fall Protection — The SLXtreme's case meets MIL-STD 810G regulations against falls from 2-meter heights. Our rugged case fits into the rugged environments that all military personal face. Never worry about fall damage to your phone with protection that spans 6.6-foot drops. Enjoy the freedom to use your phone in most military situations without fear of drop damage.
  • IP-68 Waterproof Tech — SnowLizard incorporates IP-68 waterproofing technology into the SLXtreme family of cases. Your phone is waterproof in depths up to 2-meters. Go anywhere you need to without fear of water damage. Our tested rubber seals keep your phone safe during submersion of up to 6.6 -feet depths. Our IP-68 technology allows you to use your phone in wet environments without fear of damage.
  • 185 Percent Extra Power — SnowLizard built in a battery unit into the SLXtreme iPhone case that provides upwards of 185 percent more power from the 4000 mAh battery. Talk longer, use apps more often, and bring technology to the field with the SLXtreme phone case. The battery can power your phone when you do not have a charger accessible to you
  • Solar Charging Technology — Built-in solar panels keep your phone and case batteries charged and provides energy in places where a plug is not available. The solar panel can recharge your phone when the battery dies or boost your battery's power anywhere there is direct sunlight.

SnowLizard puts science and modern tech into each of the SLXtreme iPhone covers that it produces. We do this so that our cases meet the needs of military and law enforcement professionals. We understand the adverse conditions that these jobs entail and we help professionals meet those environmental challenges with rugged tools that stand with you.