SnowLizard - Meeting
the Demands of Law Enforcement

SnowLizard designs iPhone cases that stand up to the challenges of law enforcement professionals. Whether you patrol on bike, horse, motorcycle or vehicle, we've got you covered.

The SLXtreme iPhone case is SnowLizard's 7th generation product. We took a scientific approach so that our family of phone cases addressed the needs of law enforcement professionals. Here is what we bring to the table:

  • Tough Military Grade Skin Tech — The outer skin of the SLXtreme iPhone case protects your phone from fall up to 2-meters. We approached phone-fall protection to prevent damage from falls, bumps, and impacts so that you can focus on the challenges you face every single day. Our rugged case helps you use your phone in any environment without the worry of drop damage.
  • Water Protection — We added IP68 technology to our SLXtreme phone case's design so that your phone is safe from water damage in depths of water to 2-meters. Whether you are drenched from the rain or in the water, the SLXtreme repels water so that your phone remains safe and dry. We make it possible for you to face the extremes of your job without worrying about damaging your phone.
  • Emergency Power — The science that goes into every SLXtreme phone case holds a 4000 maH power battery that will power your phone even without a cord. This technology allows you to use your phone without worrying about the battery's life.
  • Solar Recharge Capabilities — We pair a powerful solar array that is built into the case design to work seamlessly with the case's battery. We did this so that you can utilize your phone to make your job easier, safer, and effortless. The solar panel can add 7 percent boost to your phone's battery anytime you are in direct sunlight

By looking closely at what law enforcement professionals face on a daily basis we were able to produce a phone case that frees you serve and protect without worrying about the damage that working in law enforcement can inflict on a phone. Work smarter, longer, and in any environment with the SLXtreme iPhone case cover.