SLXtreme iPhone Covers
Rugged and Durable Enough
for Shiping

SnowLizard understands the rugged extremes that mining professionals face. From running heavy equipment to crawling over rock and down narrow tunnels and through environments that are unfriendly to cell phones, we understand what you face just doing your job.

We took our understanding of your worst day and applied to a cell phone cover that helps you stand up to the hazards of mining. Here's a closer look at how the SLXtreme stands up to what the mining industry faces

  • Protection from 6.6 Foot Drops — We integrated military class tech into the SLXtreme cover so that they absorb shock and cushion phones from drops as high as two meters. The MIL-STD 810G rugged case provides plenty of protection so that you to feel safe using your phone in any mining environment
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating — We added waterproofing technology using IP68 science to protect your phone from exposure to water for up to 2-meter depths. The SnowLiazrd casing allows you to bring your phone everywhere you work, even in the wettest environments.
  • Backup Power from Smart Battery Technology — The SLXtreme case holds 4000 mAh technology supplies 185 percent more power, even when your phone is dead. Our built-in battery can power your phone so you always have the tools you need, even if you do not have access to a power source or a cable.
  • Solar Power Charging — SnowLizard added a rugged solar panel to the outside of the SLXtreme's case. You can charge your phone or the case's battery backup anytime you have direct sunlight. This gives mining professionals the ability to use their device in the best ways possible.

SnowLizard helps mining professionals use their cell phones at mobile beacons even in the toughest environments. We help you work harder and play longer.