SLXtreme iPhone Cover -
Fish Longer and Further
with SnowLizard

Fishing is a sport and a way of life that takes you to some of the roughest and most adverse environments. Whether you are talking saltwater fishing for big Marlin, a float trip down one of Alaska's wild rivers, or roughing it at a backwoods stream a day north of civilization — Environments that test both man and tool.

That is why SnowLizard developed the rugged SLXtreme waterproof case for the iPhone. Not just a tough skin, but the smarts to help you succeed even in the harshest environments. Here's how:

  • Stops Drop Damage — Never fear the terrain when you partner with SnowLizard. The rugged case allows you to feel safe using your phone in any outdoor environment without fear of drop damage
  • Prevents Water Damage —The waterproof casing allows you to bring your phone anywhere, even fishing wild rivers, deep oceans, or remote streams where water and terrain test your own endurance. With the SnowLizard's SLXtreme case designed for the iPhone, you never have to worry about your phone.
  • Battery Backup — The battery can power your phone when you do not have a charger accessible to you. With the SnowLizard SLXtreme case you gain a built-in energy reserve; you can go farther and stay longer and still have the power to use your phone when needed.
  • Solar Array — The SLXtreme features a solar panel that recharges your phone whenever you have access to the sun. There is no need to wait for the battery to die. Simply C-clamp the phone to your pack, position the solar panel so it's facing the light, and continue your journey. Our technology allows you to charge your phone anywhere with direct sunlight.
  • Pairs with Vexilar's Sonarphone and T-Pod giving you a Wi-Fi transmitter that you toss overboard turning. The transmitter, once linked to your phone turns your iPhone into a fully functioning sonar system. Find hidden underwater structures, water depths, and the fish. With the SLXtreme's added battery power and solar cells, you can fish longer, better, and more accurately. Turn your phone into a tool that puts you on top of trophy fish faster with SLXtreme and Vexilar.

The SLXtreme is in its 7th generation and each design adds more capability so that your iPhone can stand up to your adventuring spirit. Go further, fish longer, and never shy away from adventure because of fear of damaging your phone. The SLXtreme has you covered.