The SLXtreme iPhone Case -
Built to Hazard Construction Sites

SnowLizard understands the hazards that a phone faces on construction sites. Whether you are installing I-beams or pouring cement the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your phone. The SLXtreme is a phone case that takes the brunt of what you face and still keeps your phone safe and secure. Here's a closer look:

  • Military Grade Outer Protection — SnowLizard's SLXtreme rugged iPhone case takes on the drop hazards on construction sites. We used proven technology to produce a MIL-STD 810G outer shell that protects smartphones from drops from as high as 2-meters. The outer shell of the SLXtreme cover frees you to work without the worry of damaging your phone. With superior drop protection, you are free to use your phone and all of its powerful tools on any construction site without fear of drop damage.
  • IP-68 Waterproof Technology — SnowLizard understands that construction sites are a varying environment. You work in wet and dry conditions so we stepped up to help. We installed IP-68 waterproof tech in the SLXtreme cover so that your phone is safe from water damage even when submerged to 2-meters. Use your phone in the rain, slogging through mud, or while pouring cement. We've taken the threat of phone water damage out of the construction industry
  • Added Power, even in Black Out Conditions — Our internal battery provides an added 4000 mAh worth of power to your phone's battery adding 185 percent more power. SnowLizard allows you to use your phone longer, so you always have its tools available to you. We power your phone even when you do not have a charger or power source available
  • Constant Renewable Power Always — Because construction sites are busy places, nobody can stop and just charge their phone. With the SLXtreme, you don't have to stop. We added a solar strip that boosts power by 7 percent per hour. Just do your job and solar power adds power. We make it possible to charge your phone anywhere there is direct sunlight

SnowLiazrd makes it easy to always have access to your phone and without the worry of damage. We empower people to use their phones and all of its powerful tools. Talk, Search, Communicate the SLXtreme provides the protection.