SLXtreme iPhone Case -
Boating Without Fear of
Phone Damage

Boating adventures from deep sea fishing to cruising the Inside Passage to guided fishing down Alaska's Russian River, the SLXtreme iPhone Rugged Cover lets you enjoy the adventure without worrying about your phone.

Boating is a way of life from the afternoon cruising the local waters to fishing or water skiing your local lakes. That is why SnowLizard developed the SLXtreme iPhone cover. It allows you to enjoy your adventure without fear of drop damage, water damage or running out of battery. Here's a closer look:

  • Ends Drop Damage —The rugged SLXtreme case features certified military-grade MIL-STO 810G outer skin technology that provides full protection from drops up to 6.6 ft - 2 meters. The SnowLizard iPhone case lets you play hard without the fear of drop damage.
  • IP68 Rated Waterproofing Tech — The SLXtreme features waterproof tech built into the casing that is IP68 rated for depth up to 2-meters. We make it possible for your to bring your phone anywhere you need without worrying about water damage.
  • 4000 mAh Power — The SLXtreme iPhone case by SnowLizard features a 4000 mAh backup battery pack that allows you to power your phone when you do not have a charger or outlet accessible to you. We help power your phone so you can fully enjoy its use during all of your boating adventures.
  • Power from the Sun — We added a built-in solar panel that recharges your phone at 7 percent per hour. Keep your phone charged while you play simply by exposing the solar panel to the sun. We make it possible to recharge your phone when the battery dies or to keep it fully charged as you adventure.
  • Pairs with Navionics+ — Turn your iPhone into one of the best GPS plotters available with the Navionics+ app. With the extended battery power and solar recharge provided by the SLXtreme you can actively use your phone to look for chart updates, check weather and tides, navigate dock-to-dock, view nautical charts, sonar charts, and access the community edit section. Boat farther, more accurately, and safely with Navionics+.

From the white water to the calmest lake never let fear of phone damage hamper your boating adventures. SnowLiazrd protects your phone so you can enjoy work or play without worry.