Finally a Phone Case
Tough Enough For The Agriculture

Whether you are bouncing around on heavy equipment, down in the mud repairing a line break, or moving stock the SLXtreme iPhone case cover provides superior protection for your phone.

SnowLizard applied science and tech to the 7th generation of SLXtreme phone covers so you can face your toughest day without fear of damaging your phone. Let's Explore

  • Military Technology — SnowLizard built the SLXtreme case using military standards. The outer shell of the SLXtreme provides drop damage protection from heights as tall as 6.6 feet (2-meters.) Each unit is tested and complies with MIL-STD 810G. Never worry about damaging your phone while you work as the rugged case allows you to operate your phone in any outdoor environment without fear of drop damage
  • 2-Meter Depth Protection — Even in the wettest environments, the SLXtreme offers protection from water damage. We built in IP-68 technology so that you can get muddy and wet without worrying about water destroying your phone. The SLXtreme case allows you to bring your phone anywhere you need, even in the water
  • Added Power — With a 4000 mAh battery the SLXtreme provides an additional 185 percent power boost. You are free to talk, search, text, and video as you work without worrying about the battery's life. The battery can power your phone when you do not have a charger accessible to you
  • Power on the Go — The built-in solar panel can recharge your phone or add power to its battery as you work. No need to search for an outlet of a connector. All you need is direct sunlight and the SLXtreme case provides power.

SnowLizard tackles the hardest part of agriculture with a phone case that stands up to the abuse you face all day. Work hard - Play Hard without the worry of phone damage with the SLXtreme 7th generation phone covers.