Why SLXtreme?

Why SLXtreme?

With the increasing presence of iPhone apps in the outdoor industry, any outdoor enthusiast is going to need some major protections to keep your phone going in any environment. The SLXtreme 7 for iPhone 7 can do just that as a complete outdoors solution to the modern day smartphone.

Need something with drop-proof protection?

The SLXtreme 7 has that. We maintain a MIL-STD 810G rating on our phone case. The SLXtreme 7 can take impacts from 6.6 feet high into sand, dust, dirt, or snow. With the SLXtreme 7’s rugged design, your phone can take whatever hit it needs to.

Need something with waterproof protection?

The SLXtreme 7 has that. With an IP-68 rating, our case keeps water and various other solid particles out. You don’t need to worry about your phone after a small drop into a puddle. The SLXtreme 7 has you covered.

Need something with some extra battery for your phone?

The SLXtreme 7 has that too. We have an integrated battery with 4000 mAh storage so that you can charge your phone almost twice over. Venture farther than the nearest power outlet with the SLXtreme 7, we got your battery covered.

Need even more battery than that?

Guess what? The SLXtreme 7 can cover you there too. The SLXtreme 7 comes equipped with a 20% efficient mono-crystalline rear solar panel. Turn it on with a tap of a button when you’re in direct sunlight, and the solar panel can charge up your battery.

You don’t need to be caring around a phone case, a solar panel, and an extra phone battery. Check out the SLXtreme 7 for iPhone 7 as your all-in-one outdoor smartphone case solution.

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