Just Shoot: Top iPhone Apps for Outdoor Photography

Just Shoot: Top iPhone Apps for Outdoor Photography

The incredible cameras available on iPhones and photo sharing apps like Instagram have awakened the inner photographer in all of us. If you love going on adventures in the great outdoors, why not snap some incredible photos, too? Take your outdoor photography to the next level with iPhone apps that will help you post Instagram-worthy nature pics every time.

Pro Camera 8
If you’d like more control over the outdoor photos you take, ProCamera 8 offers the features you’d expect from a native camera app, but has extra tools for even more control. You’ll have fully-manual exposure control, HDR mode, image stabilization, adjustable shooting grids, and more. Once you take your outdoor photos, you can use the app’s editing tools to process images and make sure they look their best before you post them on Instagram.

This is another combined photo editing and camera app that’s a bit like ProCamera 8, but it offers some unique tools that make it stand out. You’ll have full control over your exposure settings and the exposure and focus points are separated to give you even more control over images. With the built-in macro mode, you can create a macro effect on your camera for some incredible macro shots while you’re outdoors. It’s easy to use, and there are so many options you’ll never run out of fun ways to make your photos pop.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris
The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a great app for any photographer who wants to take great outdoor shots. I’s even touted by the National Geographic as standing "head and shoulders above the crowd." This app gives you information on outdoor natural light for anywhere you are on earth so you can plan your outdoor shoots in beautiful, natural light. That's especially useful if you want to take some great sunset or sunrise shots; it allows you to plan ahead to get the perfect landscape shots.

Snapseed is the top choice among iPhone photographers for editing photos. And not  only does it offer powerful image editing features--it’s free. You’ll find a great selection of editing tools to help you adjust exposure and color, and it offers cool special effect filters, too. One unique feature is the selective adjustment tool, which lets you to choose a portion of the image and change the color saturation, contrast and brightness for that one area alone. An intuitive user interface makes it a top choice for quick and easy editing.

Set your inner photographer free with these apps to up your outdoor photography game. And don’t forget to keep your phone well protected while you’re taking photos on your big adventures. Protect your phone from drop damage and water damage with a rugged, water proof case. SnowLizard’s SLXtreme line for iPhone not only protects your iPhone from water and drop damage, it comes with an integrated solar panel to keep your battery charged so you never miss the perfect nature shot because of a dead phone battery.

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