SLXtreme in Water Sports

SLXtreme in Water Sports

Nowadays, iPhones go just about everywhere: Hunting, camping, even paddling, rafting or floating on your favorite waterways. But don't grab your phone and strap on your water skis just yet. If you're going to spend time out on the water, you should protect your investment -- and lifeline for communication -- from the inevitable splashes and drops with a waterproof, ruggedized case like the SLXtreme. Each model of the SLXtreme is tailored to protect a specific iPhone model, including the new SLXtreme 7 phone case for the iPhone 7.

Waterproof for Complete Submersion

If you're into water sports, you'll love the SLXtreme's full waterproofing: Drop your phone into water as deep as 6.6 feet and leave it there for half an hour before fishing it out, and it'll be fine.  The ruggedized case can also withstand falls from up to 6.6 feet high on a rocky shore, and keeps out the sort of wind-blown rain that might crop up on a sea kayaking or water-skiing adventure. The SLXtreme is also highly resistant to small particles like dust and sand, so you don't have to worry about your phone when you're at the beach.

Mobile Charging for Your Phone

There's more: The SLXtreme also has an integrated battery and solar panel, so you can keep your phone powered up even when you're far from an electrical outlet. As long as you have direct sunlight, the solar panel will provide a constant trickle of power -- even in the middle of the ocean. Once the sun goes down, the built-in battery can boost your power for more than 80 hours of playback time or more than 20 hours of talk time, depending on your iPhone model.

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