No More Dead Phones: Why Every Hunter Needs the SLXtreme

No More Dead Phones: Why Every Hunter Needs the SLXtreme

There's nothing quite like dropping a trophy buck, only to realize that your iPhone is just as dead, smashed at the bottom of the tree stand. Or maybe it's ruined because the rain got to it, or the battery ran out. Either way, no trophy pictures for you, buddy -- and no GPS or messaging apps to help you waypoint the meat cache or tell the family you're fine and heading home soon. 

That's why we created the SLXtreme. This rugged phone case does everything you need to keep the wife happy, which, by no coincidence, is the same stuff that'll help save your life when things really get bad. After all, no matter how well prepared you are, if mother nature really wants to get you, she will.

But with the SLXtreme from SnowLizard Products on your side, you'll have an advantage. This tough, camouflaged iPhone case has military grade drop proof protection, so if it falls from your tree blind or drops out of your pocket when you're scrambling over rocks in pursuit of wild sheep, your biggest concern will be wild animals running up your phone bill. And with Mossy Oak®'s Break Up Country® Camo on the new SLXtreme 7 case, you can whip it out and text home any time without flashing colors or reflections that might scare game away. 

The SLXtreme also has a built-in solar powered panel that can charge your phone even if it goes dead in the backcountry, and a built in battery to extend the time between charges. No more dead phone, period -- unless you take your gun out and shoot it.

The SLXtreme's rugged, waterproof case means you can take it with you anywhere -- even duck hunting -- and that solar-powered, battery boosting capability means that as long as you have access to direct sunlight, you'll always have access to an emergency navigation and communication device. The SLXtreme case is compatible with all iPhones up to the iPhone 7, so you can be protected -- and still get that trophy photo -- no matter what you choose to carry.

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