FAQ: Charging and your SLXtreme Case for iPhone 7

FAQ: Charging and your SLXtreme Case for iPhone 7

In preparation for the launch of the SLXtreme 7, we wanted to provide you, our customers, with a few quick tips on how to effectively use your SLXtreme 7's charging capabilities: 

How do I turn the battery charger on and off?

Firmly tap the power button on the back of the case to turn the integrated battery on. Hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds to turn the integrated battery off.

How do I charge my phone’s integrated battery?

You can plug a standard Micro USB 2.0 cable into the bottom of the case. This will charge the phone case’s integrated battery, which can in turn charge the phone itself.

Can I charge my phone while it is in the case?

When you put your SLXtreme case to charge with your iPhone in it, your phone's battery will charge first. Once fully charged, the case’s integrated battery will begin to charge.

How does the solar panel work?

Your phone can also use the trickle charge feature of the SLXtreme’s integrated solar panel. The solar panel will automatically engage when exposed to direct sunlight. The solar panel will charge your integrated battery directly. Note: The solar panel will not engage if the case's integrated battery is turned on and charging your phone.

How do I know if the solar panel is charging the case?

For the SLXtreme 6 and below, there is one green LED indicator that will turn on if the case is charging via the solar panel. For the SLXtreme 7, there are three LED indicators that show the strength of the sunlight that is charging the phone.

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