Extreme Gifting: 3 Adventure Packages for the Holiday Season

Extreme Gifting: 3 Adventure Packages for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about giving, but that doesn't mean your gifts have to be humdrum, or come in gift-wrapped boxes. If you're an extremer, why not give the gift of an unforgettable adventure?

Skip the department store this year and gift an adventure package to that person in your life who lives on the edge. Then pack your bags. Here are three adventure packages that will make hearts race.

Lake Placid Bobsled Experience

Have you ever watched the Olympic bobsledders and wondered what it would be like to thunder down the track yourself? Consider  the extreme Lake Placid bobsled experience.

A professional driver and brakeman will lead your journey, starting out at the half-mile point and then winding through the track that Olympic sliders from around the world enjoy. The speed through the turns and then on the straightaways is a rush; once you feel the adrenaline kick in, you'll want to experience it all over again.

On top of the incredible ride, you’ll get a team photo, T-shirt, a bobsled lapel pen, and a discount off your next bobsled ride.

Extreme Skiing: Snowbird, Utah

If you’re looking for hardcore skiing and some of the best powder in the world, Snowbird, Utah is an extreme skier’s paradise.

Intermediate skiers will enjoy runs like the Peruvian Gulch, the Mineral Basin, and Mid Gad.

Experts, meanwhile, will love the steps and chutes found between Wilbere Chutes and Gad Chutes, Mineral Basin’s double black chutes, and heading down the right side of the Peruvian Gulch.

Extreme skier? You'll absolutely love the fact that Snowbird gets about 500 inches of snow each year. Make sure your phone is all charged up to grab a few shots of the incredible views you’ll see while you enjoy tearing up the powder at Snowbird.

Johnston Canyon Ice Walk in Banff, Alberta

During the summer months, water cascades into Johnston Canyon, but during the winter these gorgeous falls freeze solid, resulting in incredible natural ice sculptures that rise high above you.

Check out this cathedral of ice yourself with an ice walk into Johnston Canyon during the holiday season. The icy trails can get challenging, so you’ll want some traction devices on your shoes. The lower falls are beautiful, but it’s the upper ice falls that will take your breath away. You’ll definitely want to grab a few selfies along the way to document your adventure.

If you head out on an extreme adventure this holiday season, don't forget to take your phone along for safety and to help capture all special moments. Worried about protecting your phone in the elements? The SLXtreme line of phone cases offer rugged, waterproof casing to prevent drop and water damage. An integrated solar panel will keep your phone charged, too. Whether you’re shooting down the powdered slopes at Snowbird or tiptoeing through ice at Johnston Canyon, you can make sure your phone is protected and all charged up when you need it.

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