Buck Tradition! Spend Thanksgiving Weekend Outdoors

Buck Tradition! Spend Thanksgiving Weekend Outdoors

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend usually revolves around good company--and a lot food. Many Americans spend the holiday at the table eating and on the couch watching TV, but if you love being active, why not spend Thanksgiving weekend outdoors? Here are some awesome ways you can buck tradition and take Thanksgiving outdoors this year.

Go All-American with Flag Football

Thanksgiving and football go hand and hand; and why not? It’s an all-American past-time that’s a lot of fun. So instead of staying indoors watching the games on the tube, get outdoors and play your own flag football game. Get the family (and even your neighbors) in on the fun for a rowdy game in your backyard. No yard? Head to a nearby park where you'll have more room to play. You can even pack a Thanksgiving leftover picnic!

Head Out on a Fall Camping Trip

A late fall camping trip is the perfect time way to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday weekend outdoors. Just make sure to pack warm enough gear to beat the cooler temperatures. Want to have a Thanksgiving feast on your camping trip? Consider cooking your bird and sides ahead of time so they can easily be warmed up on a grill or over a campfire. Don't forget to bring along a suitable cooler to keep your turkey cold on your trip. The last thing anyone needs is a case of holiday food poisoning.

Hike Off Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Round up the family and go for a nice long hike to work off that Thanksgiving dinner. If you're planning a daylong outing, take some protein-packed turkey sandwiches with you. Choose hiking trails everyone in your group can handle, particularly if you plan to take younger kids along. And don’t forget to take your smartphone to  snap pics! This is the perfect opportunity to capture memories that can double as holiday cards.

Hit the Bike Trails Together

Hitting the bike trails together over Thanksgiving weekend is another great way to enjoy being outdoors before the first snowfall. Flat trails are great for beginners, but if you have more serious bikers in the family, grab the mountain bikes and take on some challenging mountain biking trails. You’ll relieve stress, burn calories and enjoy picturesque views.

Snowboard... or Surf

If you're a bit of an introvert, carve out some solo time during Thanksgiving weekend with your favorite board sport. If you live in the north, grab your snowboard and head out for a day in the snow. If you live by the ocean, hit the waves instead. Just make sure to wear a wet suit if you're surfing in colder water. City dweller? No worries. Grab your skateboard and go street surfing. Board sports are good for the soul, especially if you need some time to yourself.

Remember, you don’t have to be stuck indoors this Thanksgiving holiday. Head outdoors, get active, and create some new Thanksgiving traditions.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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