Activities To Take Your Summer To The Extreme

Activities To Take Your Summer To The Extreme

Nothing says summer like the swash of water on sand. But if you think a day at the beach is all about laying around in the sun, think again! From cliff diving to jet skiing, we have five ways to pump your summer full of extreme adventure.

Cliff Jumping

It doesn't get much more extreme than deliberately throwing yourself off a perfectly good cliff and into the water below. Two of the most famous jumps in the country are in Hawaii, where the custom originated: Kahekili's Leap on the island of Lanai, and Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach on Maui. 

Jet Skiing

If you're not a fan of gravity, how about speed? There's no replacing the thrill of a jet ski -- basically a motorcycle with zero risk of pavement burn. You can rent these personal watercraft in many seaside resorts and even larger lakes. California's bays are especially good for jet skiing.

Extreme Tubing

Water skiing is thrilling, but it's been around for decades. Swap those skis in for a water tube and you'll be right back at the cutting edge. This activity is best done with friends, anywhere that high-speed jet boats are allowed -- and if you have a good driver at the wheel, it can also be surprisingly family-friendly.

Water Jet Pack or Flyboard

Water-powered jet packs that strap to your back and flyboards -- think a hoverboard powered by water jets -- are the newest trend in extreme water sports, and they're popping up in more and more popular recreation areas. Hit up professional outlets like Jetpack America, in San Diego and Las Vegas, for the most fun.


Not quite ready to trust your life to a water-powered jet back or flyboard? Try a parachute instead. You and a tandem instructor will strap yourselve into a giant parachute glider, then sprint downhill until it catches the air and off you go. You can try paragliding anywhere from the mountain slopes of Alaska to the dramatic desert landscape of Sedona, Arizona. 

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