7 Insider Camping Tips to Make Your Fall Camping Adventure a Success

7 Insider Camping Tips to Make Your Fall Camping Adventure a Success

Autumn is almost here, bringing chilly mornings and beautiful fall foliage. There couldn't be a perfect time to head out on a camping adventure. The heat and humidity of the summer months are gone--and you’ll even enjoy better rates at campgrounds during the fall. Of course, you’ll need to be well prepared for your fall trip or the cooler weather can cause you problems. Use these camping tips from the pros to ensure your fall camping adventure is a success.

1. Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts
The weather fluctuates quickly during the fall months, so make sure you pay attention to the weather forecasts in the area you plan to be before you head out. Even if it’s warm one day, warm weather quickly turns cold in the fall. Make sure you’re prepared for colder weather, rain, and even snow.

2. Choose the Right Sleeping Bag
You’ll want a cold-weather sleeping bag that will protect you for temperatures even lower than those you expect to encounter. Some of the best options are mummy sleeping bags, since they keep the heat close to your body.

3. Choosing Clothing You Can Layer
Since the weather can be warm one minute and then quickly turn cold, make sure you choose clothing you can layer. Choose layers that are also water-resistant. It’s a good idea to have thermal underwear, wool shirts or fleece jackets, an outer jacket that is water and wind resistant, a winter jacket, dry socks, shoes and tough boots, gloves and winter hats, a rain poncho, and extra clothing in case you get wet.

4. Be Sure You Have Dry Firewood
During the fall months, it’s often tough to find dry firewood. You’ll need a good fire, so make sure you take along some dry firewood.

5. Bring Along Carbs and Fats
Eating right is important for staying warm when you’re camping. Fuel up with carbs and fats, since they help your body stay warm. Healthy fats also help you out while you’re burning extra calories hiking and carrying your camping gear.

6. Pack a Survival Kit
Make sure you pack a good survival kit, because you never know what can happen when you’re out in the wild. Important essentials to have in your kit include:

• Duct tape
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• Waterproof matches
• First aid kit
• Toilet paper
• Water purification tablets
• Bandanna
• Pocketknife
• Compass (or GPS)

7. Take and Protect Your Smartphone
Even if you want to unplug for your fall camping adventure, it’s a good idea to take your smartphone, especially since you can use GPS apps to help you out on your adventure. Just make sure you keep your smartphone protected. Choose a rugged case that can withstand drops, and make sure it’s waterproof. You can also find options that offer solar charging to make sure you keep your phone charged up throughout your camping adventure.

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