Our Tough Cases Makes Your Apps Accessible in Outdoor Environments

The number of vital Mobile Apps serving the needs of outdoor enthusiasts has exploded in recent years, providing practical tools and solutions to everyone from campers and hikers, to hunters and skiers. But the smartphones and tablets that house these apps are at constant risk from of bumps, drops, dirt, water, and other outdoor hazards.
With this issue in mind, Steve Calle, CEO of Snow Lizard Products, joined hundreds of venture capitalists and private equity investors from across the U.S. and the world at the 24th Annual Florida Venture Capital Conference, recently held January 29-30 at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida. There, Calle presented Snow Lizard’s plan to help outdoor enthusiasts capitalize on the explosive growth of Mobile Apps intended for use in the outdoor space.
Hundreds of thousands of commercial apps are downloaded from the App Store each month, many geared toward mobile data solutions made possible with use of an iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy device,” he stated, “But no one wants to risk cracking a screen, getting a device wet, or even running out of battery before the end of the day. Our SLXtreme case line is the all-inclusive case for the outdoor segments, keeping a device both powered and protected, a “Toughbook” for iOS devices
The Snow Lizard name is a testament to this commitment, representing the wet and wintery outdoor environments that are so popular among millions of people around the world, including Calle and Snow Lizard co-founder Andreas Haase.
The SLXtreme series of Rugged Phone Cases – currently available for iPhones 4/4s, 5/5s, Galaxy S5 and iPad Gen 4 – has now expanded to include the new iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. All models are MIL STD 810G rated for drops to 2m/6.6ft and resistance to scratches and abrasion. An IP-68 rating means these cases are totally waterproof down to 2M/6.6ft, as well as impervious to dust, dirt and sand.  
Beyond protection, the SLXtreme cases each house a rechargeable lithium ion battery, capable of fully recharging each respective model more than 150 percent. Moreover, the SLXtreme phone cases feature a rear solar panel that replenishes the case battery anytime and anywhere. You can embrace the outdoors for far longer without worrying about needing a power source.
With Snow Lizard Products by your side, getting the most out of your outdoor adventures has never been easier. To learn more about our larger selection of innovative mobile solutions, contact 786-401-7204 or Info@SnowLizardProducts.com.

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