Introducing An Expanded Line of Snow Lizard Products

Snow Lizard is pleased to kick off the New Year with an expanded line of SLXtreme Rugged Phone Cases – cutting-edge, comprehensive mobile solutions will now be available for users of Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, and coming soon for iPad Air 2.
With these state-of-the-art cases, your precious gadgets can be powered, protected, and enhanced while you embrace whatever adventure lies ahead. While there is no shortage of options to extend battery-life for smart devices, nothing beats the reliability and inclusivity offered by Snow Lizard Products.
Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and professionals operating in demanding environmental conditions, SLXtreme uniquely combines in-case battery power, watertight protection, and drop-proof safeguards that can withstand just about any challenge.
Like their predecessors, the SLXtreme cases for GS5 and iPhone 6 feature a tough polycarbonate exterior with TPU overlay, which meets MIL STD 810G standards for drops from  2m/6.6ft and resistance to scratches, bumps, and abrasions. The IP-68 rating means these newly designed cases are completely waterproof in depths down to 2M/6.6ft, as well as resistant to dust, dirt, sand, and other contaminants.
Moreover, the SLXtreme cases house rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which are capable of fully recharging each device more than 150 percent. LED lights indicate remaining battery capacity in the case, and when the need for even longer-lasting power arises, there is a rear panel solar panel that enables recharging anywhere. With enough juice for an emergency phone call or text, this is the perfect solutions for urgent situations and long excursions.
All these features are provided without compromising functionality and accessibility: there is no need to twist, bend, or fumble with multiple parts to shield your device from extreme weather conditions. Instead, easy bottom entry with dual side latch hinges means you can insert or remove your phone or tablet effortless from the SLXtreme case.
These same features are available for the SLXtreme iPad 4, which are also IP-68 and MIL-STD 810G rated for waterproof and drop-proof protection. A pre-drilled mounting template replaces rear solar panel, making the case compatible with standard VESA mounts for boats, recreational vehicles and merchant stands. An integrated battery with a capacity of more than 10,000 mAh nearly doubles the battery life of the tablet. These features will soon be available in an SLXtreme case being developed for the new iPad Air 2.
For more information on these exciting new products, contact Snow Lizard at 786-401-7204 or at

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