New Year, New Gadgets

This past Christmas, many people received exciting new gifts like the iPad 4 or iPhone, which are fun and useful devices to start the New Year with. But for all the technological power, these versatile gadgets are very vulnerable: from an accidental slip of the fingers that sends them tumbling, to the multitude of natural hazards outdoors, there are countless ways your new gift can be rendered a short lifespan.

In fact, industry research shows that Americans spent an incredible $5 billion on repairing and replacing iPhones just these past two years. If like many people, your New Year resolutions include being more active, traveling more, or getting fit, you want to make sure your devices do not get damaged along the way.

A recent article in USA Today goes over some of the characteristics that come with any reliable and innovative case:

If you're looking for real protection for your smartphone or tablet, picking up a case from a kiosk in the mall isn't going to cut it. Even if it has a really cute cartoon character on it or says it's made of bamboo — if it's not specifically designed to repel dust, dirt, water, or all of the above, it's not going to.

If you want real protection from the elements, it's all about reading the fine print. Before you consider dropping some cash, make sure that the case you're looking at has been rated as either waterproof or, at the very least, water resistant. If a case is rated as waterproof to a certain depth, you can be reasonably confident that it will live up to its billing.

Water resistant is a bit trickier, as anything claiming to be water resistant isn't actually designed to be submerged in water whatsoever. It can still protect against a spill or perhaps even an accidental trip into the sink or toilet, but not for long.

With these standards in mind, the article highlighted SnowLizard as among its top three recommendations:

The SLXTREME cases from Snow Lizard take protection to an almost absurd level. They're sand, dust, and dirt proof. They're also waterproof up to 6.6 feet, can take a drop of up to 6 feet without damage your device, and come with a built-in battery backup that keeps your phone kicking long after its normal battery life. Oh, and they even have a built-in solar panel on the rear so you can recharge anywhere you have a bit of sunlight. How's that for the ultimate in protection?

SnowLizard is very proud to have been recognized as a trusted source for smartphone protection. Our Rugged Phone Cases reflect the very highest standards of engineering and design, providing optimum protection and usability without sacrificing style and accessibility. The SLXtreme iPad 4 provides this same high level of defense to Apple’s popular tablet, while accessories like the SLXtreme Belt Clip offer even more utility. 

So whatever new gadgets or lifestyle changes the New Year will bring, SnowLizard Products will be your ideal companion. To learn more, contact 786-401-7204 or

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