SLXtreme Accessories You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

Snow Lizard Products like the SLXtreme line of Rugged Phone Cases are designed to protect, power, and enhance the latest mobile devices in a variety of demanding conditions. Snow Lizard also offers accessories that further maximize the usability of your mobile device, such as the SLXtreme Belt Clip and SLXtreme Vehicle Mount.

The SLXtreme Belt Clip can rotate 360 degrees for optimum comfort, allowing you to place your case face up for quick use, or place it solar panel side up for charging. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of hands-free activities, from hiking and running, to snowboarding and skiing. It is also great in field work that requires your full attention but a mobile device on hand.

Similarly, the SLXtreme Vehicle Mount is designed for a wide variety of circumstances and needs. It can rotate 120 degrees and swivel 45 degrees for optimal viewing, and can be easily affixed to a vehicle dashboard, window, or desk for safe but easy access. Since it can adhere to most smooth surfaces, the mount is suited for all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities.

If you like to go off-road on your ATV or Jeep, the mount will securely hold your SLXtreme case through all kinds of climates and terrain. This winter season is a great time to embark on a snow mobile, to which the SLXtreme Mount can reliably affix your phone. Boaters can enjoy the durability of this flexible mount, which works for all kinds of watercraft, while travelers on road trips can easily access their phone’s GPS or other tools while focusing on the road.

In short, these accessories are an invaluable companion to the SLXtreme in numerous commercial, recreational, and day-to-day activities. To learn more about these and other Snow Lizard Products, contact 786-401-7204 or

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