Snow-vember – Is Your Mobile Device Protected?

With winter upon us, much of the country is experiencing frigid and severe weather, including earliest snowfall. Whether or not you happily welcome the season, these conditions can take a toll on fragile mobile devices, especially if you want to embrace winter sports like skiing, sledding, and snowboarding.
Snow Lizard Products are designed for just these challenges in mind. The innovative SLXtreme line of Rugged Phone Cases utilizes the toughest materials and most advanced technologies for top-notch protection in severe environments. It is available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, and the iPad 4, with models for the new iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 now available for pre-order!
With these cases, your mobile devices can withstand falls from as high as 6.6 ft (2 m), and survive submersion in water, snow, and dirt as deep as 6.6 ft. Moreover, they include a solar panel for emergency charging, and a built-in power extender that can more than double the battery life. With snowstorms increasing the chances of being stranded away from a power source, these unique features are invaluable.
For an additional source of emergency power for any USB-compatible device, there is the SLPower Portable Charger series, an ideal solution if you are struck by a power outage. The SLXtreme for iPad 4 also includes a charger for conveniently powering other devices in addition to the tablet itself!
Snow Lizard Products are the ideal companions for the winter season and whatever it may bring. For more information, call 786-401-7204 or email

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