Finding the Right Canoe

With Snow Lizard Rugged Phone Cases providing the protection your device needs for even the most extreme of conditions, you may be interested in taking up more outdoor activities such as canoeing now that you can take your smartphone or tablet with you. But in the case of canoeing, it is important to get the correct type of canoe for what you wish to do.
First there are the materials. Fiberglass canoes are strong and light while also being easy to repair. Kevlar canoes are expensive but up to 10 times stronger than steel and 20% lighter than fiberglass canoes with their durability providing long term value. Wood canoes are usually handcrafted and versatile for many environments; while the labor in building a canoe makes them more expensive, they can last for decades with good maintenance. Polyethylene canoes are a low-cost option for recreational canoeing and those who use them occasionally despite the fact they are heavier and less durable than other types. Royalex canoes are difficult to repair but are more resilient to impact and abrasion.
Then there are the types of canoes. Expedition and wilderness tripping canoes are best for those carrying large loads and their large sizes are typically meant to accommodate multiple passengers. Recreational canoes are easy to maneuver and ideal for day trips on calm waters. Whitewater canoes are designed exclusively for use in the extreme conditions of whitewater canoeing. River tripping canoes are designed best for fast moving rivers. Racing canoes are built without excessive weight to make them perfect for high performance racing.
With so many canoes to choose from, it is important that you get the canoe for your needs. But when it comes to Rugged Phone Cases, your best choice is undoubtedly Snow Lizards line-up of electronics cases. Our cases for smartphones and tablets, like the SLXtreme for iPad, keep your phone waterproof and safe from heavy drops. For more info on our line-up of tough electronics cases, check out our website.

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