The Best Mobile Apps for Boating

Boating and sailing have always been popular pastimes, as many have discovered the beauty and majesty of being on the water. In today’s day and age, the age of the smart phone, there is no shortage of apps available to bring on board to make for the perfect boating experience! Ranging from navigation aides to real time weather forecasting, modern apps can reinvent your boating and sailing trips.

Check out some of the greatest and latest when it comes to boating apps:
BoatUS Towing: This app is all about safety and assistance, which is supremely important. Access to 24-hour on the water assistance and the world’s largest water towing fleet.
WindGuru: user-friendly and free, this app offers worldwide coverage of real time wind strength and direction.
Pro Knot: step by step instructions and illustrations on how to tie over thirty knots.
BlooSee: this app does it all, providing access to information on dive sites, marinas, hazards, anchorages and more. It is also geared towards navigation and features position, speed and course, wind forecast, etc.
Whale Alert: this app highlights active whale areas, areas to be avoided, and recommended routes.
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