Life is either a great adventure or nothing.


  • We Love Our Mother (Earth)

    Our world is a pretty amazing place and we covet its beauty and how it makes us feel.  So we decided to reduce our carbon footprint by creating packaging that can be reused as a drybox.  So you get to protect your stuff, as well as the environment. 

  • We Build Kick-Ass Products

    Innovation is our middle name. Well, not really -- we don't actually have a middle name. That would be weird. But if we did, it would say that we are inspired by solving problems with product technology that no one has ever done before. So yeah.

  • We Save You Money

    Our products aren't for everyone.  But if you live your life with adventure, then taking care of your stuff is no joke. Replacing your device can be super expensive, so why WOULDN'T you protect it when you're out grabbing life by the...horns.

  • We Treat You Right

    If you're not happy, then we're not happy. Our products exist only to help you to make the most of your outdoor adventures --  but if they don't, then frankly, we've failed. So we offer a 1 year product warranty that replaces your case if it doesn't live up to your expectations.